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Monday, September 3, 2012

Music: T-ara - Sexy Love

Girl Group T-ara released their new single "Sexy Love" music video today :)

Song and music video has a robotic feel with cool beats and awesome lyrics.

Song and Music Video rate (out of 10):

More pictures from music video:

T-ara's Sexy Love Music Video:
Dance Version:

Drama Version:

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Music: Kara - Pandora

Kara, formed by DSP Media, released their 5th mini album "Pandora"on August 22, 2012.

The song has an electronic as well as some rapping. In the Music video they show off there sexy dance moves in front of their really cool dance background.

The song has a really good beat and Kara really showed off the beautiful voices in this wonderful song.
The music video was really cool because off all the cool lights and their cool costumes.

Rate of song and music video (out of 10):
10 (:

Some other pictures from their music video:

Kara's Pandora Music Video

Music: Two X - Double Up

The Group "Two X", under the production of J. Tune Camp, debuted with their song "Double Up" on August 16, 2012.

Their name "Two X" is an acronym for (T)op (W)in (O)ne and the "X" standing for multiplication.

In their music video they show off their wonderful dance moves in the middle of an abandoned amusement park. And when they come back at night they have an awesome finale with a bunch of beautiful fireworks.

I think this song has an electronic feel and a really good and catchy song to listen to.

Rate of song and music video (out of 10):

The five members of Two X are...

Two X's Double Up Music Video


Music: Fiestar - Vista

LEON entertainment's new 6 member girl group, Fiestar, finally made their debut with their new song "Vista"

There name "Fiestar" comes from the words "fiesta" and "star".

There new song has a kind of a spanish feel because they have a lot of instruments playing that would be played at a fiesta.

I think this song is really good. It has a really good beat and the spanish instruments sound really good and also brings out the meaning of their group name.

Rate of song and music video (out of 10):

The six members of Fiestar are..

Fiestar's Vista Music Video


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